Required Documents

The Government of Nepal's Ministry of Labor's requirements to process and authorize overseas placement of Nepalese workforce

Demand Letter:
A demand letter should be addressed to Raki International Pvt. Ltd. in an official letterhead in English Language. A Demand Letter should contain all necessary stamps from state authorities of the recipient country to which the workers will be deployed.

A Demand Letter must contain clear information outlined below:

  • Number of workers required
  • Trade
  • Salary (wage structure including overtime) in United States Dollar
  • Work hours and days
  • All benefits and welfare
  • Terms & Conditions

Download Sample Demand Letter

Power of Attorney:

This legally binding document is a written testimony issued by the recipient company to Raki granting the authority to Raki International to carry out its recruitment tasks.

Download Sample Power Attorney

Guarantee Letter:

The Employer Company should address the Labor Department of Nepal regarding the demand requesting them for further permission from the Government of Nepal.

Sample guarantee letter

Employment Contract
Service Contract between the employer and the employee mentioning salary and benefits offered to the employee with detailed terms & conditions.

Sample employment contract

Agency Agreement
Commercial contract between the employer and our agency, duly signed and stamped by both parties.

Sample agency agreement