Deployment process

Deployment process

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia:

The Saudi Deployment Process comprises of the following steps.

Arrival of Demand Letter:
This is the beginning step of the recruitment process. Upon receiving an official demand letter, the vacancies are advertised in national newspapers and also circulated to Raki Agents and associates. In general, Raki anticipates the arrival of block visa from its clients. Upon taking the reference number from the visa slip as indicated in the block visa document, MOFA number for each individual worker is derived electronically.

Confirm Interview & Trade Test Date:
The clients are required to provide a tentative date for conducting interview and trade tests (if required) at Raki’s office in Kathmandu and at its branch offices. The passport details of qualified applicants who are selected are sent to Saudi Arabia for visa processing.

Passport Pooling:
This process begins soon after the demand letter reaches Raki. The Passport Pooling is conducted through the network of our Elite Agents and nationwide associates. Alternatively, valid passports are also drawn in from Raki’s Passport Data Bank. Applicants are informed of the interview and trade test dates and location.

Interview & Trade Test by Client Representative:
Most interviews and trade tests are conducted at Raki’s office in Kathmandu. For rapid sourcing and recruitment of a large number of work-force, Client representatives are flown to our Branch Offices for conducting interviews and tests. In such a situation, a tentative interview schedule is communicated to the clients prior to their arrival in Kathmandu.

Medical Test:
This is a crucial process in recruitment. Every effort is made to ensure that the shortlisted and/or selected applicants are medically FIT as per the regulations of the Government of Saudi Arabia. The applicants medical reports are reviewed by GAMCA appointed clinic in Kathmandu. All medical requirements are fulfilled including the new policy of the Saudi Government.

Pre-Clearance for cross-border passport movement:
The passports of medically FIT applicants are then sent for Visa stamping. Before it had to be taken to either Mumbai (India) or Dhaka (Bangladesh) . Therefore, a Pre Clearance for cross border movement of passport is obtained from the Ministry of Labor in Kathmandu. Now this can be done in Nepal.

Visa endorsement in Embassy of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia:
The passports are submitted to the visa consular's office for visa stamping. The certified medical report is attached along with the passport at the time of submission for visa stamping.

Obtain Final Clearance:
The Government of Nepal's Ministry of Labor requires all workers departing from Nepal to produce a clearance stamp in their passport at the time of immigration check at the Tribhuwan International Airport. Raki obtains the final Clearance on behalf of the workers.

Flight Arrangement:
All necessary travel arrangements including flights are made to ensure smooth movement. Upon receiving the final confirmation, a Provisional Departure Sheet is emailed to the client.

Pre-Departure Orientation:
In strict compliance with the Ministry of Labor's requirement, RAKI conducts pre-departure orientation to all workers. The program is conducted by Vision Orientation and Training and includes orientation on culture, general life, and variety of topics concerning the welfare and safety of each worker. The employment contract is also signed at this stage. The workers are also handed over their passport, air ticket, insurance policy, and a letter of affidavit neatly arranged in a file.

The workers are then transferred to the Tribhuwan International Airport. All necessary logistical arrangements as well as support services are provided by Raki staffs at the airport. Upon successful check in at the immigration, a Final Departure Sheet is emailed to clients to undertake necessary arrangements to receive the workers at the airport of disembarkation.

A copy of the Employment Contract is mailed to the client's office (as where requested) via an international courier service. This is also referred to as Employment Contract (Client's Copy).