Why Raki International

As one of the leading and eminent manpower recruiting agents, the RAKI  International (P) Ltd. has always accentuated on providing skilled and experienced manpower for different categories as per the demand of the employment companies.

This is one of the several reasons that this company has earned a global recognition and acknowledgement. Besides being sincere and honest, we leave no rooms for complaints to both the employer and the employee since we keep wide distance from fraudulences.

We also maintain extreme cautiousness while hiring "right man at the right place" since we believe in more practical oriented and scientific approach. Most importantly, we put emphasis on hard-working, painstaking, assiduous, sincere, energetic, experienced and qualified manpower as per the demand.

The RAKI International (P) Ltd. affirms to further maintain the already earned fame earned since its establishment in the year 2005.


  • To provide employment opportunities to Nepalese workers of various categories, including professionals, skilled, and semi-skilled work-force to foreign countries, seeking competent and hard-working  manpower.
  • RAKI International (P) Ltd. assures job guarantee and keeps on making contacts with the workers sent abroad for employment until their return home.
  • Assist in boosting the national economy and provide employment to resolve the unemployment problem of the country.

Besides, the organization ensures that the workers are sufficiently immune. RAKI International (P) Ltd. identifies appropriate applicants, call for interviews and make the final selection of the most suitable candidates as per the requirements. Not to forget, the organization also organizes and provides brief
orientation to the workers before flying overseas for foreign employment.

We lay emphasis on the following while recruiting workers:

  1. Whether the worker is suitable for a particular nature of job
  2. Whether the worker is efficient to handle the assigned work
  3. Whether the worker is mentally and physically fit and strong enough  to cope up with the difficult situation and time.
  4. Whether the worker is fit to work under extreme pressure periodically.